International Mask Exchange

As just a small group of teenagers from both sides of the globe, we each wanted to find a way to contribute to an evolving global crisis. With the CDC’s recent guidance to wear a form of face coverage when out in public, we, M-Alliant, sought to provide a source for those who need masks the most. Hospitals, essential workers, and families are in need.

Below, you will have access to receiving these masks, as well as the ability to provide these masks to others. We are looking to spread the word from U.S. to China, and everywhere in between. The world depends on your participation and contributions, and together we all can help.

What Is Our Job?

M-Alliant, the organization that runs International Mask Exchange, works as the middle man for those who need masks, and those who have just a few too many.

Currently, we are working to provide a pipeline of masks from a recovering China, to a suffering United States.

We aim to establish a streamline of N95 respirators to hospitals.

As well as a surplus of surgical masks available to the general public.

What Can You Do?

If you are in need of a mask, click the ‘Request Masks’ button, where you can fill out a form to provide us with the information we need to fulfill your requests (currently the U.S. and Canada only).

If you have masks to donate, please click the ‘Donate Now’ button, and we will reach out to you in due time.
If you want to donate money to our project, please visit for more detail.


If you are a Chinese resident, your spare masks will be shipped to a hub in Beijing, and we will ship those masks directly into people accordingly.

If you are a U.S. resident and have spare masks, you can donate directly to the people who need them, without even leaving your house.

Just fill out the donate mask form, and our team will match your masks with people who need them.

Click the link for our provided USPS contact-free shipping option.

We Are Ready. Are you?

About N95 Respirators

These masks are critical in protecting healthcare workers from infectious droplets and aerosols. They are in high demand for the front line healthcare workers, and should be provided to them above all.

About Surgical Masks

Although not as secure as N95 masks, surgical masks do offer a significant degree of protection against droplets with SARS-CoV-2. These masks serve best in the hands of the general public who still need to go out to fulfill the necessities.

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Join us. Together, we shall beat the virus.

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